To enhance your knowledge about avian flight and intelligent design we recommend the flowing books and research papers:

Flight Discussion and Study Guide by Ryan Huxley of the IDEA Center.

Books on Intelligent Design

William A. Dembski & Jonathan Wells
The Design of Life
The Foundation of Thought and Ethics

Stephen C. Meyer
Signature in the Cell

Stephen C. Meyer
Darwin’s Doubt

Books on Birds

Carsten Egevang
Bird of the Sun

Noble S. Proctor & Patrick J. Lynch
Manual of Ornithology
Yale University Press

Crawford H Greenewalt
Dover Publications

Robert Olson
Audubon’s Aviary
New York Historical Society

Research Papers

Carsten Egevang:
Migration and breeding biology of Arctic terns in Greenland

Carsten Egevang:
Tracking the Arctic terns Sterna paradisaea reveals longest animal migration 

Alejandro Rico-Guevara & Margaret A. Rubega:
The hummingbird tongue is a fluid trap, not a capillary tube

George F. Young, Andrea Cavagna & Luca Scardovi:
Starling flock networks manage uncertainty in consensus at low cost

Toni Feder:
Statistical physics is for the birds